In Norsa Pharma we specialize in development, production and distribution of dietary food for special medical purposes, as well as dietary supplements and medical products. In particular, we provide dedicated products intended for people suffering from rare diseases, metabolic disorders and those who use elimination diets. Due to their niche nature, specialist solutions in those areas are usually outside the area of interest of other pharmaceutical companies.

When developing our products we make sure that they are possibly best suited to patients’ needs and the specific nature of individual disease entities. We use current recommendations and results of the most recent scientific research. We also cooperate with numerous scientific centers across Europe.

In response to the growing need for high quality products, developed with utmost precision and based on the latest research, we decided to create a new standard in the field of dedicated products for nutritional use.

We believe that health is not only a sign of no disease, but also indicates the highest possible level of energy, vitality and positive emotions. We have, therefore, begun the mission of creating products which help to improve the quality of life and achieve one’s goals. Thanks to our experienced team of specialists and cooperation with the scientific community, we successively introduce new products to the market, which are intended for persons who need them most. We do our best to ensure that our pricing policy enables as many patients as possible to gain access to modern therapies.

Our team consists of specialists with a wide range of experience – from the field of pharmacy, through both production and  research and to the finance.