Nucleoplex is a specially developed combination of nucleotides, for people who require additional supplementation. The product does not contain gluten, starch, wheat, soy, dairy products, flavourings or colorants.


INGREDIENTS Daily serving (1 capsule)
Uridine 5′-monophosphate disodium salt 100 mg
Cytidine 5′-monophosphate 50 mg


Nucleotides are the building blocks of nucleic acids. They play an important role in numerous specific biological processes and are the components of biologically significant coenzymes: molecules necessary for the normal functioning of cell enzymes.

Nucleotides are considered to be “conditionally essential” nutrients.

Uridine monophosphate is an organic compound: a nucleotide found in nerve cells. Uridine is a building block of RNA.

Cytidine monophosphate is an organic compound, a precursor for uridine. Like uridine, cytidine participates in RNA synthesis.

Directions for use

Recommended daily dose: 1 capsule a day, fasting or one hour after a meal. Swallow the capsule and wash down with a small amount of water.

Important information

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements must not be used a substitute of a varied diet. Balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle are advised. People receiving medication, pregnant or breastfeeding women and patients under the age of 18 should contact the doctor before using the product.

Store at room temperature (from 15°C to 25°C). Protect against sunlight and moisture. Keep out of the reach of young children.

Composition: uridine 5′-monophosphate disodium salt, cytidine 5′-monophosphate, plant-based glazing agent – hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, bulking agent – microcrystalline cellulose.

Net weight: 10.22 g

The package contains 45 vegan capsules.